MCC - Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Policy for Would-be Members and Members

1.0 Statement & Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to affirm in a comprehensive statement the required standards of conduct expected of the Executive, members and would-be members of Maynooth Community Council.

All members and would-be members must show integrity and professionalism when interacting at
meetings and conducting the business of Maynooth Community Council. This policy sets out the core
values and underlying principles which underpin all related works and activities. MCC expects all
members and would-be members to use legitimate practice in all its operations and in promoting the
organisation on issues before Government Authorities and Government Agencies. All members and
would-be members of Maynooth Community Council must protect our organisation’s legality and must
act responsibly when dealing with our organisation’s finances, partnerships and public image.

The MCC Constitution states, inter alia,

The general conduct and behaviour of MCC members and would-be members in carrying out their
activities is an important yardstick by which the honesty, integrity, impartiality and performance of
MCC is judged and public trust maintained. It is important therefore that these core values underpin
the many activities of the Council.

Members and would-be members should abide by the Code of Conduct and must maintain the
highest standards of integrity by –

a) Avoiding conflicts of interest and never seeking to use improper influence;
b) Acting in a way which enhances public trust and confidence
c) Not using their position or MCC resources for personal gain;
d) Ensuring that their conduct does not bring and has not brought the integrity of their position or
that of MCC into disrepute.
e) Making impartial decisions based on examination of the facts, merits and law relating to each
case and not taking account of their personal considerations.
f) Treating their colleagues and others with courtesy and respect;
g) Dealing with enquiries from the public courteously, fairly and promptly
h) Promoting equality and avoiding bias in their dealings

Download the full MCC Code of Conduct (pdf)