While we are all making sacrifices in the present, we also need something to look forward to in the future! As part of Reboot Maynooth planning, Maynooth Community Council and local businesses are partnering with Fáilte Ireland to develop and promote Maynooth as a Food Tourism destination town.

In order to be part of the Fáilte Ireland Taste the Island nationwide Food Tourism campaign in September-November, we will be running the Maynooth Food Festival in September/October timeframe. Over the coming weeks we will update you on what this will entail and how our plans are progressing.

While none of us saw this current crisis coming, the people of Maynooth have really risen to the challenge. We are all doing the hard work. We are making the sacrifices asked of us knowing that they benefit others. The Maynooth Food Festival will be one of the ways that we can come together as a community after the crisis has abated to create positive momentum for our town, rebuild our local economy, and tell the world about Maynooth’s exciting food offerings.

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