Maynooth Community Council - About

Maynooth Community Council (MCC) is a voluntary, non-political organisation with a long history of community service from its inception in 1975.

Our vision for Maynooth is one of a dynamic, inclusive, healthy and vibrant town where the community comes together to consult, advise on, give feedback and make decisions through participative structures. Maynooth Community Council works to organise and improve Maynooth for the people who live in, work in and visit the town.

We believe passionately that a strong Community Council will be a positive motivator for change within an evolving Maynooth.

For over four decades, MCC has made a positive and active contribution to the development of the town and surrounding areas. The council was instrumental in the establishment of the Citizens’ Advice Centre, and at the heart of many initiatives which have proven beneficial to the people of Maynooth.

Many community groups, clubs, organisations and residents’ associations are represented at monthly meetings, which offer an avenue where they can share and discuss issues relevant to their respective groups and those which effect the wider community.

Each residents’ association may elect one representative per 50 houses, each club, or organisation may select two representatives from within it’s membership to represent them at community council level.

Representation at community council can be very advantageous to groups and residents’ associations at many levels. It opens up new connections and avenues, where one can enhance the development of one’s own group. It allows access to persons and organisations who may have experience in areas in which you require assistance or advice. It provides a platform where you can promote your club and stimulate community awareness around your existence and therefore increase interest and membership. There is an ethos of cooperation among the members and groups often work together on projects and events.

On a broader scale, Community Council meetings afford the opportunity to members, (on behalf of their residents’ associations or group) to highlight matters of concern which they believe warrant discussion and attention. This may vary from noise pollution, to planning applications, traffic management to local amenities.