Maynooth Community Council will from time to time make submissions (or ‘observations’) on planned development in our town.

We advocate for the provision of essential services for the existing community, many of which are lacking in the town (link).

We acknowledge our designation as a ‘Key Town’ in the national planning framework and will warmly welcome our future community members; however, our government cannot continue to focus solely on the provision of units without creating sustainable communities wherein to thrive.

Parson’s Street Development Planning File 21370 (March 2021 – April 2022)- Mixed use commercial & residential development at Harbour Field Maynooth with entrance from Parson’s Street. 183 apartments, gym, cafe, creche and commercial floorspace in 4 blocks ranging in height from 1 to 9 storeys. Maynooth Community Council made 2 submissions to Kildare County Council and an Observation on an appeal to An Board Pleanala. You can view our submissions below.

Dublin Road – Boyne Dental Planning File 2225 (Feb 2022) a) partial demolition of the existing residential structures and external storage structures to the rear (b) Internal alterations and revisions to existing fenestration (c) Change of use from existing residential accommodation to use as a dental practice and associated accommodation (d) Provision of a new Part one, Part two storey structure (e) provision of signage to the front elevation (f) alterations to the existing public footpath to the north of the site and (g) all associated site works.

Flagship Zero Carbon Lidl Store Straffan Road – Maynooth Planning File 22220 (March 2022) Amendments to planning permission reference 20/1066. Intended to be a flagship zero carbon store .

Celbridge Road – Railpark Planning File 21/155 and 21/156. (Feb 2021) 105 dwellings (housing & duplex) plus creche. New access point from Celbridge Road.

Dunboyne Road – Planning File 21/310865 (July 2021) : 194 units – 119 houses and 75 apartments plus creche.

Moyglare Road Maynooth – Divine Word. Planning File 21216 (Feb 2021): 2 x 3 storey blocks of student accommodation (166 student bedrooms), seminar rooms, day spaces, managers office, laundry, and plant rooms