Maynooth Community Council - Constitution


Vision, Mission and Values


The name of the Council is: “Maynooth Community Council”. Maynooth Community Council (MCC) is a voluntary, non-political organisation with a long history of community service from its inception in 1975.

Our vision for Maynooth is one of a dynamic, inclusive, healthy and vibrant town where the community comes together to consult, advise on, give feedback and make decisions through participative structures. Maynooth Community Council works to organise and improve Maynooth for the people who live in, work in and visit the town.

We believe passionately that a strong Community Council will be a positive motivator for change within an evolving Maynooth.

Our mission is to continuously add strength to the community so that it is capable of achieving positive change to improve Maynooth for its inhabitants, visitors and those who work therein.

Our mission is to assist in further enhancing a caring, just and inclusive society as exemplified by the many facets of Maynooth.

Our mission is to positively influence the future local development of Maynooth.

We value diversity and social inclusion and we promote the effective use of resources for the betterment of the community of Maynooth.

We promote the highest standards of governance, fiscal rectitude, ethical standards, and accountability for ourselves and others.

We believe in treating all with dignity and respect and value integrity in all our actions.

We believe in collaborating with other organisations within and outside the community to support our mission.

We value our membership, who are intergenerational, in attaining our mission for the critical and effective role they undertake.

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MCC Constitution – February 2023